Stephanie Idolor Is A Big Liar and A Manipulator, Mama Success has Given Her N470,000

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Stephanie Idolor Is A Big Liar and A Manipulator, Mama Success has Given Her N470,000, irrespective of the fact that Stephanie initially only made the video to mock mama success, and her entire Family, she wasn’t even the one that sent it to bloggers, it was her friend that resides in Asaba “Joyce Imofen” who took it from Stephanies WhatsApp and posted on IG”- Journalist Samuel Khalil Fumes set to post Evidence!!!
First, when Joyce posted the video on Instagram (Stephanie’s Friend in Asaba) concerned Nigerians showed interest in supporting Little Success, and some requested Joyce account number, she gave, and the total money she received almost immediately was 70K, not knowing success parents, she called her friend, Stephanie to send her account number, which she did, she transferred the money so Steph could give it to Success mother, to her greatest Surprise, Steph Ate the money and gave success mother nothing. So, Joyce opted to speak with Sucess mother, because she had become the center of all eyes on Instagram. She got the account number from her friend and established a relationship with Mama Success.
Now, when Nigerians started appreciating success financially Directly, Stephanie became Jealous and angry and trouble ensued with success parents. She began to make outrageous demands that she had to ask Mama success to take her to ECO BANK BOYO ROAD, sapele, so that she could see how much was inside Mama Success’s bank account, so they could give her, her share, Sucess mother being an ignorant woman took her there and discovered that about 700K had been paid, she withdrew 400K and gave to Stephanie, reason being that Steph had said the people involved in making the story go viral were so much and she had had to settle everyone person involved. This time, she took the 400K and didn’t give the girl (Joyce) who blew the video 1 KOBO
She kept making demands, that at a point, she went to ECOBANK to demand the statement of account of mama success but the bank refused; when she discovered that the bank wouldn’t oblige, she went to mama success took her to the bank and almost forced her to open a JOINT ACCOUNT with baby Success so she could CONTROL EVERYTHING.

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