Pasuma’s New Single ‘Amen’ Featuring Davido

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The rhythm felt oddly familiar. Not unlike a lot of Nigerian songs selectively enjoying airplay these days. It had all the standard elements of a typical Nigerian song.

Eagerly paying homage to God’s covering, engineering a plea to collide with material success and requesting a massacre of all enemies, real or imagined.

In a time when Nigerian artistes are more interested in trading tackles only with their foreign music counterparts, this particular collaboration came as some sort of surprise.

A music veteran like fuji icon Pasuma, spewing lyrics with pop star Davido, another giant from a different era is not something you usually come across every day.

Not with the said veteran affirming his familiarity with the next generation by undertaking to create a song that resonates with their kind.


It wasn’t really hard to pinpoint their lyrical direction with their use of a popular Yoruba gospel song of the 90s and an excessive repetition of ‘Amen’ as some sort of byline.

Eminore Oluwa

My favourite part of the lyrics was the creative use of their children’s names to introduce themselves, right before they declared their official titles.

PASUMA: Daddy Wasila, Baba Baraka

DAVIDO: Oga Ade, Oga Ade, Oriade Baba Imade

Apart from the aforementioned shift, the lyrics of the song was uneventful and a little bland, employing little or no intellect to create; a vital criterion to getting Nigerians to love it.

An overall summation would describe the song ‘Amen’ as a well put-together, carefully-worded ‘gospel-ish’ song, with many mentions of self and family; crafted by arguably two of the hardest working artistes from across two generations.

The softly progressive, upbeat sound that accompanies the song is pleasantly mild and surprisingly unobtrusive. It will definitely catch the hearts of Nigerians.

They will vibe with it.

They will say Amen.

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