My step dad want to continue sleeping with me

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A young lady cried out as she narrated her story to DOTMEX BLOG how the step-dad want to continue sleeping with her after she gaveup her two weeks baby for adoption. 
I was only 6 years old when i moved in to live with my mum and her new husband after 5years my dad abandoned us. My mum is a trader at shagamu therefore she is  not always at home while my step dad is a civil servant at coca cola company let say i grewup almost on my own because at the age of 10, i was already cooking for the three of us.  One day when i returned home from school i met my step dad drunk and naked ; so i thought;  i greeted him and went into my room to change before going to the kitchen to see if there was any food, as i was putting on my dress, the door to my room opened and behold my stepdad worked straight to me and started undressing me without saying a word. I was scared as i try to push him but he was stronger than me in all ramifications so he had his way with me. I cried and told him i was going to tell my mum when she arrives the following day from Ibadan where she went to buy her stuff but he threatened to deny and that he will convince my mum to also abandon me just as my father did. Throughout the night i couldn’t sleep because i was scared he might return as the key to my room was not good. The following day he came to my room and gave me 400naira  as pocket money instead of the regular   100naira and left for work. Getting to school that day, i couldn’t concentrate on anything and i was ashamed to reveal my pain to anyone. After that incident my step dad  was becoming more caring  as he continue to have his way with me whenever my mum is not around and he was always quarrying with my mum for shouting at me and i begin to relax and feeling free with him believing he was sleeping with me because he care about me more than my mother and this went on for two years without being pregnant, should i say i was lucky or was he taking pills so he doesn’t get me pregnant well i don’t know. In the year 2016, i got pregnant for him and when i told him and he was happy  and i didn’t understand why but now i know he already planned everything from the onset.  I told him i wanted to go for an abortion but he refused telling me to allow him takecare of things  but i wasn’t pleased with his respons so i ran away to my grandmum in the village and i couldn’t also tell her the truth i just had to lie that i was raped by stranger. My mum got angry with me and just as my step dad threaten ealier, she abandoned me to my grandmum. Three months later  grandmum died and my only hope was gone. I called my step dad for help  but he only gave  me 10,00naira thrice and he advised me to giveup the baby  for an adoption he also accompanied me to the orphanage home where i later abandoned my baby boy. After a month  he worked my visa and sent me to Canada. A year later i got married to a very caring and loving man and i had a son for him but i didn’t tell him my step dad was responsible for the baby i left in the orphanage home because it is a shameful thing. May this year 2018, my husband and I travelled back home and as natural as it could have been, i took him to see my mum, my step dad took me out and asked  if i already told my husband about the son i abandoned and i said yes and to my STUPIDITY  i also told him my husband wasn’t aware he was the one who got me pregnant. The following day i received a text message from my step dad giving me an appointment to meet him up in two hours of which i did. He ordered a drink for us and as we were drinking and gisting, he said Mabel, we need to continue from where we stopped and i didn’t understand what he was talking about  so i asked him to explain better. He said again Mabel i miss your body and i want  us to do what we use to do in bed. Out of anger i stoodup and in a violent tone i told him never to repeat such word and before i could know it he stood up and walked close to me in confidence and wispered into my ears saying, Mabel i have nothing to lose i will work straight to your husband and tell him everything and he will leave you and remember  your mum couldn’t give me any child so i can send her packing and in conclusion i will like you to know that i adopted the child you abandon at the orphanage home and i can’t reveal where he is to you not until you do as i say.
 Am crying out for advice because my life  is in shamble and i don’t know what to do 

Please if you are reading this, i need your advice……..
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