My husband refused to have sex with me simply because I refused having sex before marriage

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I dated my man for three years before we got married and denied him sex all through the period of courtship because I am a practicing Christian, he was not cool with it

He kept on complaining and demanding for sex every now and then but I took my stand and the he said I will pay for it…

We are married now, he only had sex with me on our wedding night, saying he wanted to confirm if I am a virgin or not, it’s been four months now and hard to believe but after the first time he refused to have sex with me, saying that he wants me to feel what he felt when I deprived him of sex before our marriage.

He said that he will pay me back for the 3years. Funny enough, he’ll masturbate right in front of me. I have tried all I could to get him to sleep with me.

I have tried seduction and all sorts of methods but he is not falling for anything and I am beginning to loose my cool. I dont want to take our issues to extended family yet, please people.

He can’t keep doing this for 3 years right? I mean if not for anything we need to have kids right? Who should I consult first? My family? His? A counselor?

What other method is allowed for me to use as his wife to get him sleep with me? This is serious please. Its been four months, I have no complains, we are cool on every other thing and he is doing every other responsibility of his except for this sex.

What do you think?

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