husband accused best friend of secretly sleeping with his wife

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Fight broke out among two Nigeria  friends in Italy as a husband accused his friend of secretly having an affair with his wife whenever he is at work.  Mr Matthew 55 years from Kogi state  and has been living in Italy for over 18 years  now and got married to his 32 years old wife with four kids .He has always suspected his wife of infidelity and he beat her to stupor at will .

The wife Mrs Rosemary  denied ever cheating on her husband and according to some friends who later turned enemies narrated how Mr Matthew had been accusing his friends of sleeping with his wife and to that effect, they parted ways. they also narrated how the wife has a problem with alcohol to the extent of having to  buy gin and pouring it in a water bottle so the husband do not get to see it. nobody knows the actual fact of the matter  but the accuser promised to sue Mr Matthew for false accusation.

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