Americans Sign Petition To Prevent Nigerian Cynthia Erivo From Acting “Harriett”

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An American Tyler Holmes has kicked off an online petition to disallow British-Nigerian Cynthia Erivo from playing the role of American abolitionist and political activist, Harriet Tubman in the forthcoming film Harriet. The reason critics have said is that she is not American and does not know what it is like to be a slave. At the time of writing, the petition which has attracted 635 signatures reads:

“We will boycott any film or anything that is negative towards us (Black Americans)…Next time don’t put on your Instagram we’re all black to silence Black Americans…You take pride in your Nigerian culture. We take pride as being descendants of American chattel slavery/black American culture”
The Hollywood industry has witnessed Black American actors such as Will Smith play the roles of Nigerian Benneth Omalu in Concussion and Dwayne Johnson who also acted as Davis Okoye in Rampage.
The award-winning actress who is one step away from becoming an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscars, Tony) recipient responded to the criticism via Instagram:

She will not be the first to receive backlash. Samuel Jackson criticised Daniel Kaluuyafor getting cast in Get Out.

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