A mother being judged for leaving her 4 month baby in daycare that led to her death

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Nursing mothers are now very massively being judged again especially those who choose to work. This mother works with immigration and after her four months maternity leave put her child in a crèche that advertised it had CCTV. Her baby was murdered in January this year. Up until now, BRITMART school has refused to show her the CCTV footages of what happened in that school that day. We are in March. End of March. Police investigations have not gone anywhere. She paid 250,000 Naira for autopsy. She is distraught. Please can we use our various platforms and call for #JusticeForBabyMichelle ?
She is being shamed on social media for putting a baby in a crèche instead of staying home to take care of her baby. The law is aware of the realities of nursing mothers. This is a sneak peek into the realities of nursing mothers. Let us stand together in defense of our collective humanity and in support of the grieving family.

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