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A Mysterious Event Happened @ Ondo State
Strange Things Like This Are Very Common In Naija

A boy of about 12yrs old was found in the middle of moulded laid blocks. It is beyond imagination, it’s unexplainable, The boy sang for like 3 good days before people around could discover it was a human and began to break the wall.
He was placed behind the walls alive, buried alive behind walls, used as a foundation for a church building, and yet how he survive is still a mystery, Passersby use to complain about hearing a strange noise behind the wall until one man has the courage to break the wall and behold… A Living Human Was Found Inside.

Mehn, On Judgment Day, Nigerians Case Files Would Be So Voluminous & All The Angels, Paul, Abraham & Co Will Be Actively Involved oo If Not, Some Cases Will Be Left Unattended To.

God Help Nigeria

Photos below;

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